Jessica Ennis V Colonel Gaddafi V Dr Dre V Timbaland

16 Apr

As the keyword wars roll on into a second year, new contenders emerge onto the battlefield all the time. We’ve discussed previously the curious case of the miserable keyword, but while that one bubbles under, there are a slew of top terms vying to be the biggest referrer to Survivor Envy.

Let’s have a look at the top four…

1) Jessica Ennis Bum

Jessica Ennis bum

This classic post from January 2011 took a wry, sideways glance at a Daily Mail article whose appearance in the search engines seemed heavily propped up by the term ‘Jessica Ennis Bum’.

2) Gaddafi Umbrella

Colonel Gaddafi Umbrella Picture

A vintage entry from February 2011, this popular picture post offered a wry, sideways glance at the way in which Colonel Gaddafi denied he was losing control of Libya – hanging out of a minivan with an umbrella in his hand.

3) I Need A Doctor Mediafire

Dr Dre I Need A Doctor

It was a wry, sideways glance at the new Dr Dre single, I Need A Doctor (“someone banging a barrel while Eminem complains”), that prompted searchers looking for ‘I Need A Doctor Mediafire’ to start hitting the blog.

4) Timbaland Weird Faces

Timbaland: weird faces

An all time favourite: this wry, sideways glance at the number of weird faces pulled by Timbaland in his video with Katy Perry gave birth to the Google ‘SERPs One’ ranking for ‘Timbaland Weird Faces’.

3 Responses to “Jessica Ennis V Colonel Gaddafi V Dr Dre V Timbaland”

  1. avengers July 29, 2011 at 19:37 #

    Ah the infamous ennis bum shot.

    • Daniel Nolan September 12, 2011 at 20:14 #

      This is the most obvious comment spam I have ever seen.


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    […] a few weeks left to go until London 2012 kicks off, it’s pretty clear that British athlete Jessica Ennis will be one of the media stars of the games. How do we know […]

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