How many weird faces does Timbaland pull in his new video?

18 Feb

Timbaland’s new Europop smasher is called If We Ever Meet Again. It features Brand-to-be Katy Perry and sounds like something the Black Eyed Peas wouldn’t really bother with.

But that’s enough about the music.

The video stars Baland and Perry intercut with some weird theft storyline featuring an old woman, a necklace, that one who might be the girl who was in Wayne’s World and some man who we are probably supposed to recognise from television or whatever. It goes on for an agonising five minutes and sixteen seconds.

The question is: how many times does Timbo do a big old face silly during that time?

Answer: 48 times.

The action really hots up after the 3.30 mark.

Well done Timbo.

6 Responses to “How many weird faces does Timbaland pull in his new video?”

  1. Carpet Tiles November 3, 2010 at 20:23 #

    Katy Perry is just da bomb, she has a great singing voice, a very nice body and of course super nice boobies :)


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