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Rihanna Mediafire v Teenage Dream Mediafire

25 Feb

Rihanna Versus Katy PerryTIP: Best way to find a Mediafire download through Google – type the name of the song or artist you want to grab, then stick ‘Mediafire’ next to it in the search box.

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s Mediafire post – I was having a little dig around in the keyword tool and noticed that there was a decent bit of volume surrounding artist and song-related terms being put through Google, presumably from people looking to download free MP3s before purchasing legal copies.

So anyway I did a bit of research. (Note: order relates to local monthly searches on Google UK.)

Top 10 artist-related searches containing Mediafire

rihanna mediafire
eminem mediafire
drake mediafire
katy perry mediafire
nicki minaj mediafire
usher mediafire
lil wayne mediafire
chris brown mediafire
kanye west mediafire
bruno mars mediafire

Top 10 song-related searches containing Mediafire

teenage dream mediafire
i like it mediafire
like a g6 mediafire
love the way you lie mediafire
airplanes mediafire
tinie tempah pass out mediafire
nelly just a dream mediafire
rude boy mediafire
taio cruz dynamite mediafire
example kickstarts mediafire


Rihanna is popular and so is Katy Perry. And Eminem. But not Razorlight, Editors, White Lies or Duffy. And what does that tell us? Don’t be shit and people will search for you.

PJ Harvey Let England Shake video (Seamus Murphy)

24 Feb

PJ Harvey Let England ShakeFor the past week I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the latest PJ Harvey album, Let England Shake. This is a bit weird for three reasons:

1) I’ve never listened to a PJ Harvey album before
2) I haven’t listened to an album repeatedly, all the way through, for years
3) There are no dubstep bangers on there

The genius of the album is in the way it blends bleak war poetry with a sort of distant, ethereal approximation of folk music to create a statement that is as English as misplaced stoicism but also warmly universal, by virtue of the humanist themes explored throughout. And stuff.

PJ Harvey has worked with photojournalist Seamus Murphy to create videos for the album, including the title track posted below. If you are unfamiliar with Murphy, you should investigate his work. While it might have been his photos from Afghanistan that caught Harvey’s eye, his warzone reportage is more than matched by the rest of his portfolio, notably a stark, eerie account of an Ebola outbreak in Uganda in 2000.

Very good. Let’s have another one while we’re here.

Mediafire links conversion rate

24 Feb

Dr Dre I Need A DoctorAlmost a month ago I posted a mini review of the new Dr Dre MP3, I Need A Doctor (“Eminem complaining while someone bangs a barrel”), adding a link so that proper fans could download the radio rip before paying for a legal copy upon release.

The service I used to host the MP3 was Mediafire, primarily because it feels quite legit and doesn’t stink your stuff up with adverts for Russian brides or whatever like zshare sometimes does.

Anyway, I’ve found that the number of people clicking on the link after reading the post is relatively low, even among those who have hit the page after searching for ‘I Need A Doctor MP3’, ‘Eminem I Need A Doctor MP3’ and variants thereof. Check the statsblast:

Hits Clicks Conversion rate
237 39 16.45%

Hits = Traffic landing on the post
Clicks = Subsequent clicks on MP3 link
Conversion rate = conversion rate, obvs

This raises some questions about the use of Mediafire hosting to post MP3 blogs.

1) Is there another hosting service that people prefer to click on?
2) Do MP3 blog hounds prefer domain-hosted MP3s?
3) Is ‘Right Click, Save As’ better than ‘Click, switch tab, click download, etc’?
4) If you saw a Mediafire MP3 on a blog would you bounce off and go looking for a site-hosted illegal download?
5) What is the most popular hosting service among MP3 bloggers?

I will test all of these things out and bring you the answers before ‘close of play’ this year.


23 Feb

At some point in the past month I may have written a post intimating that the band known as Yuck are not terrible.

I now realise that this statement was unfounded, and wrong.

Rubbish band Yuck, yesterday.


Colonel Gaddafi Umbrella Picture

22 Feb

In a rush to deny something/got rumours to refute? Say it with an umbrella.

Muammar Gaddafi Umbrella Picture

Obvs we all hope that everything works out in Libya and stuff, good luck everyone.

Latest PageRank Update 2011

17 Feb

Google PageRank Update January/February 2011FYI latest PageRank update was in late January 2011, apparently.

Imagine my delight when I looked at the SEOBook toolbar the other day and spotted that this blog now has a PageRank of three. THREE! That’s a third of a Google in terms of importance, and some way towards a Guardian. I’m not sure when it happened but from what I can gather on the internet, the latest PageRank update was pretty recent.

So what made the blog leap from a 0/10 to a 3/10 PageRank? I’m not sure, but hopefully it has something to do with the ‘peppering’ of backlinks I placed on my ‘legacy sites’, one of which has a PageRank of 4 (used to be 5) so ought to offer some value. Another thing I thought was helping, a blogroll mention on another site which has been there since before I even bothered updating this place, turned out to be a nofollow so it can’t have anything to do with that.

Apparently the PageRank scores get updated about once a year, although some people claim it is more often. Gonna see if I can get back to glory days of PageRank 5 with some ‘sick linkbuilding’.

Joke of the Week

17 Feb

It's a laugh, isn't it?My dad used to work in a musical instrument factory and the workers often used to get together and play cards.

He had one particular rival who was good at cards and would often lay down a good hand, but my dad would always TRUMPET!!!

(You know, because it was a musical instrument factory?)


The Rock Twitter: Dwayne Johnson opens account

15 Feb

Dwayne The Rock Johnson joins TwitterWrestlemania 27 announcement boosts numbers

Big news in ‘the Twittersphere’ as wrestling superstar/underutilised actor The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) has officially landed his ‘candy ass’ on Twitter, where no doubt he will be using the service to put ‘roody poo jabronis’ in their place (and stuff).

The Rock Twitter account displayed its first tweet on Monday night during RAW and has since generated more than 115,000 followers. Just to put this into ‘some sort of perspective’, I’ve had Twitter since 2009 and I’ve got about 300 followers.

Of course The Rock was able to give his Twitter account a substantial boost by plugging it live on air, even using it to confirm his announcement that he will be the host of Wrestlemania 27. The subsequent furore among rasslin’ fans kept The Rock Twitter on page one of the trending topics for a good 24 hours.

So the message to anyone wanting to use Twitter to build up publicity is simple: become a wrestler, get famous, be in a few random films and then go on a TV show with millions of viewers to tell them about your account. If you can ‘follow’ (excuse the pun LOL!!1!) these basic guidelines you are sure to succeed.

FYI The Rock Twitter page is @TheRock.

Halifax Dubstep Video

11 Feb

If you’ve been near Facebook recently you might have seen this. It is a mashup that lays a ‘well sick’ dubstep mix over the top of one of Halifax’s worse-than-war adverts from last year.

It’s a bit like Cassetteboy except the jokes are all visual.

‘Burning questions’ posed by the Halifax dubstep video:

  • Why has this viral smash not got more views
  • Does this damage the Halifax brand or make it ironically cool, as in students etc
  • Will dubstep fans start subconsciously opening up Halifax accounts because of ’embedded marketing’
  • Do you think Halifax will keep making these shitawful adverts
  • Etc

Apaz there is a whole new trend for audiovisual dubstep mashups appearing on YouTube, including edits of the film Inception. But they’re not too funny so I’m not gonna post them.

Jessica Ennis bikini v Timbaland weird faces

11 Feb

KEYWORD WARS: and things are hotting up in the statsblast as the latest figures reveal that ‘Timbaland weird faces‘ has a new contender in the battle to be the most irrelevant keyword bringing traffic into the blog.

Let’s have a look at the latest top six.

jessica ennis bum
timbaland weird faces
timbaland is weird
timbaland faces
jessica ennis bikini
i need a doctor mediafire

I was talking to an SEO friend of mine who said the secret to long-term, consistent ranking and traffic success was to build up a core focus on the site. If you write topical posts all the time that give you quick wins you will be forever chasing that next pageview high and ruing the days when you haven’t got anything click-grabbing to write about.

Apaz if you build up a solid cannon of content about a particular subject, you will get regular traffic coming in for related terms, even during blogless periods.

So I am going to make every post on the site about Timbaland’s weird faces.