Pete Samson Biography

26 Jan

Pete Samson: The Sun US editorPete Samson is a British writer and journalist currently working for The Sun newspaper.

Samson’s tabloid career started at The Daily Mirror in 2003, where he stayed for four years before leaving to join the paper’s fiercest rival. Soon after his arrival at The Sun, Samson was drafted into the “cabinet” formed by newly appointed Bizarre editor Gordon Smart.

Samson, given “office of minister of music” status, worked alongside Danielle Lawler on the team, although the latter soon left to become one of the 3am Girls at The Mirror, with unconfirmed rumours pointing to personal differences with Smart as being the main reason behind Lawler’s departure.

Meanwhile, Samson scored a series of scoops – including gaining unprecedented access to briefly popular indie star Pete Doherty – and began sharing bylines with his section editor. This success caught the attention of management who, when US editor Emily Smith left America to return to Sun HQ at Wapping in 2009, offered Samson the opening.

His appointment in the US coincided with a strategic shift in The Sun’s Stateside agenda, something made clear when instead of taking up residence in New York, traditional stomping ground of the paper’s US editors, Samson moved to Los Angeles in order to more closely follow showbiz stories.

Since 2009, Samson has been responsible for a number of scoops, including breaking the news that Michael Jackson’s death was to be investigated by the police.

The journalist has written extensively on the aftermath of the singer’s death, as well as breaking stories on stars including Britney Spears, Ewan McGregor, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and Aretha Franklin, whose apparently terminal illness was reported by Samson in December 2010.

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