Dr Dre MP3: new track I Need A Doctor featuring Eminem

29 Jan

There are rumours flying about left, right and centre about whether or not this new Dr Dre track doing the rounds, called I Need A Doctor (although why a qualified doctor would need a doctor is beyond me – unless this is Eminem saying ‘I need a doctor’, as in, ‘I need Dr Dre for inspiration etc’; or perhaps it is some sort of wider metaphor/thing about how the music industry/world needs a doctor and that doctor should be Dr Dre), is the real deal.

Here are the options:

  • This is the ‘second cut’ off Dr Dre’s forthcoming Detox album
  • This is a cutting room floor sweeping from Eminem’s Recovery LP

Whatever the truth, it’s a fairly decent listen. It sounds like Eminem complaining while someone bangs a barrel, which is more or less what you expect these days. Dr Dre only turns up after three and a half minutes and goes on for a bit about how all he needs is Em, everyone else can fuck off, blah blah blah.

Score: 59/100

Download: Dr Dre – I Need A Doctor (MP3 // MediaFire)


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