Google Panda UK Update Tips

14 Apr

A Google Panda, yesterdayHow to get high rankings in Google Panda update

This week it was announced that the much-vaunted Google Panda algorithm update has been rolled out across all English-speaking countries of the Google Empire.

Since then there has been much debate as to the impact of the new algorithm. Have rankings gone up? Have rankings gone down? Where is eHow? Can anything concrete be determined?

Given that search engine results pages are prone to vary, the best advice is to sit tight for a couple of weeks and look for trends then. Who is to say that any changes witnessed this week aren’t just normal fluctuations in the rankings?

Google Panda Workaround

The best way to guarantee good rankings post-Panda is to continue to ensure that websites are coded in a way that is accessible both to users and search engines, and filled with content that is unique, valuable and not just filled with waffle about Timbaland’s weird faces or Katy Perry Mediafire links.

I think the update will have placed more importance than ever on content, potentially punishing flabbily developed websites whose code-to-content ratio is poor. It is now even more important that coding is clean and simple and pages feature as much content as possible.

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