What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

23 Apr

Q: What happens when you block someone on Twitter?

OK so there have been some conflicting reports as to what actually happens when you block someone on Twitter; mainly because Twitter used to have a pretty poor blocking option and a lot of the existing content on the topic relates to the old system, which basically meant blocking someone gave them the ability to read your tweets, @-mention you, retweet you, but not do any of it via their timeline feed. Which was so two thousand and late.

A: What happens when you block someone on Twitter

According to the Twitter website, blocking someone means they cannot:

  1. Follow you
  2. Send you an @-reply
  3. Send you an @-mention
  4. Add you to lists
  5. See you in their timeline

There is still some debate as to how comprehensive the system covering points 2 and 3 is. Some suggest that blocked users will still physically be able to use your @username in tweets, but that you won’t get them on your mentions tab. Others say that blockees @-ing blockers just makes the tweet disappear, which doesn’t make much sense given that this would almost instantly alert the blockee to the fact something wasn’t right.

One thing that does piss me off, right, is when people protect their tweets and accept your follow request, then after about six months or whatever you realise you haven’t seen anything from them in a bit and then you visit their page and it says @user’s Tweets are protected, which is a telltale sign of blocking. And it’s usually absolute fucking cretins who you only followed for political reasons in the first place who do it.

For your blocking purposes: iamdanielnolan

One Response to “What happens when you block someone on Twitter?”

  1. raman November 7, 2011 at 19:06 #

    they still can read blocker tweet right ?

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