iTunes hopping with Hudson Mohawke

7 Jul

For some reason the other day I was listening to snippets of Hudson Mohawke tunes on the iTunes shop, when all of a sudden I decided to click through a chain of ‘Listeners Also Bought’ suggestions and listen to the most popular tune by each one.

I made some notes about the magical voyage of audio discovery I went on, which you can read below.

1) Daedelus – Bright Stars

This one sounded a bit like Nouvelle Vague and Lemon Jelly making lift music together, kind of like a whistling-based cover version of that Latin trumpet-type song that I can’t remember the name of. You’d know the one I was on about if you heard it.

2) Prefuse 73 – The Only Guitar To Die Alone (feat. Adron)

If Guillermo del Toro did a version of Spongebob Squarepants I think this would probably be the soundtrack to the opening titles.

3) Savath & Savalas – Um Girassol Da Cor de Seu Cabelo

I actually know about these guys. It’s a collaboration between Sven Vath (aka Savath) and Telly Savalas (aka Savalas). Strong chillwave vibes here, like the end of a Spanish cop movie after everyone has been gunned down and the only bloodied survivor is left to reflect over a series of gentle pans and fades.

4) Slicker – By The Morning Sun (Remix)

Another peaceful track but this time with ominous undertones, rather like the atmosphere at a summer barbecue when things are about to turn lairy because someone is really drunk and keeps saying really bad things.

If you want to play this game yourself the rules are simple: just load up any artist in the iTunes shop and then click on the name of whichever ‘Listeners Also Bought’ suggestion appeals to you most. Then listen to the most popular song by that artist, et voila, literally minutes of fun.

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