‘Jessica Ennis bum’ in Daily Mail SEO fail

29 Jan

British heptathlete Jessica Ennis returns to competition this weekend, but a quick glance at Google reveals her on-track prowess is not the only thing our news outlets are interested in.


Closer inspection reveals that this cheap attempt at search traffic-baiting isn’t as blatant as you might think. No, these words appear within the story, in the context of the interviewer telling Ennis about terms popularly associated with her name by Google’s predictive search entry box:

“Jessica Ennis boyfriend, jessica ennis bum, jessica ennis sweat session, jessica ennis pictures,
jessica ennis bikini.

“There are no pictures of me in a bikini on the web,” confirms the athlete. But the Mail man continues with his list: “Jessica Ennis hot”. Apparently this last entry causes her to squeal with approval.

Obvious attempt at tabloid SEO or valid demo of Ennis’s transition from athlete to search celeb? It’s a grey area. Perhaps the journalist’s point was genuine. Indeed, this blog post could be accused of traffic-baiting in a similar way to Alan Fraser’s piece. Either way, it shows one thing: modern news writing could/should show awareness of trending keywords, and use them in a relevant/creative way.

The days of BRITNEY SPEARS PICTURES crowbarring random GLEE keyphrases into JAY Z MP3 articles are SIMON COWELL AMERICAN X FACTOR long gone.

UPDATE: Click the link for a bonus Jessica Ennis bum picture. Phwoar, eh, lads?

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