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iTunes was unable to load provider data from sync services

31 Jul

iTunes-was-unable-to-load-provider-data-from-Sync-ServicesSo the other day I was trying to sync a selection of the latest Hype Machine trending buzz MP3s – including the incredible Southside EP by Bok Bok, check below for a video – to my generic portable music device (iPhone, obvs) when I was presented with a distinctly un-chill message:

iTunes was unable to load provider data from sync services. Reconnect or try again later.

Naturally I ignored it and went about my sync but was properly annoyed when I realised half the Southside EP, and several songs by recently deceased jazz singer Amy Winehouse, had not copied across to my phone.

I hit the internet looking for a fix but couldn’t find anything conclusive. Here are the steps I tried:

  • Go to Edit, Preferences, Devices and Rest Sync History
  • Eject your iPhone
  • Reconnect
  • Despair as same error message pops up
  • Delete literally everything off the phone
  • NB don’t actually delete, just uncheck sync options in the tab browser
  • Re-check all music, apps etc and sync again
  • Despair even harder as error message pops up again
  • Go to work in a bit of a mood about the whole thing
  • Plug the phone back in after work and sync it
  • Wonder why it suddenly works properly
  • Tut and offer a wry smile at the idiosyncrasies of modern technology

This reminds me of a joke I just thought of:

Q: What do you call it when you copy all your music and apps on to your phone through iTunes in the same room that you make your breakfast and keep your bin?

A: A Kitchen Sync!!

Probably needs work. Here’s that Bok Bok tune I was on about.

Noel Gallagher – The Death Of You And Me MP3

27 Jul

Noel Gallagher has unleashed his first bit of debut solo material and, perhaps inevitably, it is considerably better than anything ‘Beady Eye’ has yet turned out. Let’s have a look at the bulletpoints:

  • It is called The Death Of You And Me
  • It is a mature slice of Bacharachesque swoon pop
  • There are some trumpets on it
  • With at least one major hook, it is 100% more hook-filled than anything off the final Oasis album

If you were to liken it to a track by his former band, Gallagher Snr’s debut is a bit like The Importance Of Being Idle, but with a touch more Americana and a touch less Rhys Ifans faffing about with some coffins, which is no bad thing.

MP3: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Death Of You And Me

BTW not sure who the High Flying Birds are.

Amy Winehouse 1983 – 2011

25 Jul

It feels weird to think that anyone born in 1983 can have died already but unfortunately Amy Winehouse has. It’s even more of a shame given that she never got the chance to publicly overcome her demons and make a triumphant return from the edge of darkness. I always thought she would get clean and return to rule the world. Sadly, that’s not how the story ends.

Plenty of MP3 blogs have posted her music and videos over the past few days but I would like to remember her this way: as the bubbly, confident, healthy young talent that appeared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross during her first album campaign (FYI Fuck Me Pumps is the essential download off that LP), before everything else got in the way.


Warehouse Project 2011 lineups revealed

23 Jul

On Thursday, the lineups for this year’s Warehouse Project events were unveiled along with another much-rumoured announcement: winter 2011 will be the club’s last underneath the arches at Store Street.

Certain bits of the programme for ‘The End Of Store Street’ are still being finalised but highlights as far as I’m concerned include Fake Blood (live), Boys Noize, Four Tet (live), Now Wave’s Cut Copy gig, 20 Years Of Pete Tong and actual Jacques Lu bloody Cont.

There’s loads more to pick through. I’ll have a news piece on the clubbing pages in the Manchester Evening News next week and interviews with the stars nearer the time. Hurrah, etc.

Click for: Warehouse Project 2011 Lineups.

Warehouse Project 2011

Massive Friday Tune

22 Jul

It’s Friday, it’s still number one, it’s time for the greatest piece of music ever committed to MP3.

In honour of the weekend, TURN THIS ONE UP LOUD.

Yuck Update

22 Jul

Both of Yuck’s fans have been on expressing their dismay at a post I wrote about the band being rubbish. In the interests of open discussion let’s hear what the guys have got to say.

Bellows Jake Dryzal:


(The asterisks are the poster’s own.)

Insists Tako Bochorishvili:

“you don’t know anything about music if you say that they are very talented and creative people! amazing band!”

(The stultifying grammar error which changes the entire sense of the sentence is the poster’s own.)

Perfectly happy to air these thoughts here, for the sake of open debate. After all, where would we be if people weren’t able to share their opinions – however wrong – freely in a public forum? Probably some sort of fascist dictatorship or something, I don’t know.

The beauty of WordPress though is that, in the words of CP Scott, comment is free, but badly mocked up jpegs are sacred:


OFWGKTA / Tyler the Creator Sandwitches MP3 reveals pay per click marketing hilarity

11 Jul

So the other month I was looking to download a legal MP3 version of the Tyler the Creator (or OFWGKTA or Wolf Haley or whoever is actually responsible for these things I’m not quite sure) ‘joint’ Sandwitches, for three reasons:

a) I like sandwiches and Sanwitches sounds a bit (a lot) like sandwiches
b) The Tyler the Creator or OFWGKTA or Wolf Haley or whoever is actually responsible for these things I’m not quite sure track is a killer, as are most of the others heading out of the Tyler the Creator or OFWGKTA or Wolf Haley or whoever is actually responsible for these things I’m not quite sure camp
c) Sandwiches, the proto minimal US house workout by Detroit Grand Pubahs, was pretty good and also had a similar name

Anyway, since I was struggling to find a legal MP3 to download I did a video search instead, which leads me to the point of this post – turns out Greggs the Bakers were running pay per click (PPC) adverts on the Tyler the Creator or OFWGKTA or Wolf Haley or whoever is actually responsible for these things I’m not quite sure track Sandwitches, albeit on searches for the misspelling.

Sandwich PPC Fail

Classic case here of the campaign manager not ‘negging out’ unrelated keywords in AdWords. Although it might be asking a bit much for them to be aware of Tyler the Creator and to then add his name and those of his colleagues to the list of negative keywords for the campaign. Although surely they should have been aware of Detroit Grand Pubahs.

Detroit Grand Pubahs PPC Fail

And there is just no excuse for this.

Greggs Horrible Sandwiches

Scientific calculator for iPhone

11 Jul

Scientific calculator for iPhoneA lot of people ask me: what is the best scientific calculator for the iPhone? More people ask me this question than any other, including basic stuff like “What’s your name?” and “How are you today?”, but I don’t mind.

The answer, as I always say, is very simple – and closer to home than you might think. The best iPhone scientific calculator is not featured on a utility or even standalone app, but can in fact be reached merely by turning your iPhone 90 degrees to the left or right while you have the standard calculator app open.

Doing so will result in the screen flipping to widescreen view, opening up a slew of previously hidden buttons, including cos, tan and that one that looks like a tick or something off the Krypton Factor.

So now you know.

There is also a video below of someone, who is either very nonchalant or very stoned or both, demonstrating this amazing ‘turn’ of ‘events’ (geddit, because you ‘turn’ the phone LOL).