Manchester tunnel tours provide new target

30 Jan

Regular viewers will know I love two things: setting out pointless targets, and scoring mad hits off pointless traffic-driving search terms (like Timbaland Weird Faces or Rizzle Kicks Mums). Recently these two loves collided as I set out a new goal: to hit ‘SERPs one’ on Google for the search term Eddie Storm 1983.

This all started when I went on one of those Great Northern tunnel tours you see advertised on the ManCon emails. I saw some graffiti down there (it said ‘Eddie Storm 1983’) that really captured my imagination – and from that moment on it became my raison d’etre to become the web’s number one resource for Eddie Storm 1983.

So I created a blog and invited people to share their theories as to the origins of the famed graffiti and the man behind it. So far only one person has contributed but I am pretty sure we’re just around the corner from the whole thing ‘going viral’, which should set things up nicely for an exclusive interview with the real Eddie Storm himself some time towards the end of the year. Watch this space!

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