Rizzle Kicks’ Mums

23 Jan

Rizzle Kicks' mums, yesterdayAre the women in the Rizzle Kicks Mama Do The Hump video really their mums?

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found ourselves a new ‘Timbaland Weird Faces‘ as we continue our neverending search for a buzz phrase to bring mad traffic to the blog.

The search term in question – Rizzle Kicks mums – has been “driving clicks” all week and is a typical Survivor Envy buzz term, just like Timbaland weird faces, Katy Perry Mediafire and all the other KWs the site has at one time or another been in “SERPs one” for.

But never mind that, there is a burning question in play here: is that really their mums in the Rizzle Kicks video? The answer is, as far as I can find out, YES it really is their mums. Apparently Jordan’s mum is the one with the glasses and the other one’s mum is the other one. No one knows why James Corden is in the video, though. Apparently it happened after the comedian followed Rizzle and Kicks down a street in Brighton.

Also, have you noticed that Mama Do The Hump sounds a bit like something from 1999 and has a line in it that sounds like a reference to Fatboy Slim (ask your uncle)? Well that would be because the track was in fact produced by none other than Norman Cook, which would explain the ‘big beat’ stuff, although perhaps not the banjos.

2 Responses to “Rizzle Kicks’ Mums”

  1. Chris jewitt February 1, 2012 at 19:44 #

    Thought it was Helen smith the writer ???


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    […] and scoring mad hits off pointless traffic-driving search terms (like Timbaland Weird Faces or Rizzle Kicks Mums). Recently these two loves collided as I set out a new goal: to hit ‘SERPs one’ on […]

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