Scientific calculator for iPhone

11 Jul

Scientific calculator for iPhoneA lot of people ask me: what is the best scientific calculator for the iPhone? More people ask me this question than any other, including basic stuff like “What’s your name?” and “How are you today?”, but I don’t mind.

The answer, as I always say, is very simple – and closer to home than you might think. The best iPhone scientific calculator is not featured on a utility or even standalone app, but can in fact be reached merely by turning your iPhone 90 degrees to the left or right while you have the standard calculator app open.

Doing so will result in the screen flipping to widescreen view, opening up a slew of previously hidden buttons, including cos, tan and that one that looks like a tick or something off the Krypton Factor.

So now you know.

There is also a video below of someone, who is either very nonchalant or very stoned or both, demonstrating this amazing ‘turn’ of ‘events’ (geddit, because you ‘turn’ the phone LOL).

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