Newsflash: content helps attract organic traffic

8 Apr

SEO Content Delivers TrafficSo I have been running an experiment for the past 14 months. The experiment basically consisted of the following methodology:

1) Get a WordPress
2) Put 11 posts on it
3) Don’t put anything else on it for almost a year
4) Eventually put 37 new posts on it
5) Assess the impact on traffic
6) Stop blogging again and see what happens

It should be pointed out that steps 3) and 6) are definitely part of the experiment and nothing to do with being lazy or anything. I mean obviously I could have blogged loads in the past year, but if I’d have done that, I wouldn’t have been able to assess the effects on traffic. So shut up.

Anyway, the results are in. In 2010 I did 11 blog posts and got 1,193 pageviews over the course of 11 months, with a monthly average of 108 pageviews. After a lengthy period of inactivity I started adding content again on 23 January 2011. Since then I have ‘racked up’ 3,895 pageviews in a 10-week period, just by adding 37 (admittedly amazing) blog posts.

So for a 70% increase in content I have been able to achieve a 226% increase in pageviews.

But the most remarkable thing is the speed of the impact: a 10-week period of blogging made all the difference. In February 2011 alone I got more traffic than in the whole of 2010; a pattern that was repeated in March 2011.

And it works in reverse too. I have not posted since mid-March and pageviews in April currently sit at 222, with a predicted end for the month of 832 – which is 58% down on the blog-heavy month before.

So the moral of the story is: the more you add content to your site, the more likely you are to get pageviews from organic search visitors. The more pages your site has, the more freshly updated the content, the better your traffic will be.

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