Reduce car fuel consumption

21 Mar

With the cost of petrol rising faster than… something that rises quite quickly… I thought it would be a good idea to try out different ways of reducing my fuel consumption. I have tried a few things out, the most successful of which I list here.

1) Get rid of excess shit. I cleaned my car out, removing all the random crap I had in the door pockets and boot, and managed to fill one large Argos bag, one Sainsbury’s carrier bag and half an Asda bag with rubbish. This means I have been carrying around an extra person in terms of weight. OK, maybe not an extra person, but at least a small child or dog. So now when I am driving around I will be able to go further, and faster.

2) Stay below 2,000rpm. I’ve been trying to drive a little more gently around town, without razzing the revs and stuff. Obviously this is the most boring way to drive but tests show chilled out acceleration is the best way to preserve fuel. Also I come off the gas whenever I see a red light ahead, and let inclines help me brake. Stuff like that.

Obvs sometimes driving in a laid back way can get pretty boring, especially when you are late for work, but in a world where fuel costs are rising faster than… stuff… it might be the only way to stay above the motoring poverty line.

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