John Galliano Racist Hitler Video

1 Mar

So La Vieille Dame Terrible of the fashion world John Galliano has got himself in a whole heap of bother after mouthing off to some women in the same French bar where he has recently arrested for… er… mouthing off to some couple.

I say ‘mouthing off’ – I do of course mean ‘being a completely reprehensible bastard’. Honestly, the shit he came out with makes the Jade Goody Shilpashettygate stuff seem like a humanitarian UN summit.

It turns out Dior has now sacked the designer after a video emerged of him drunkenly declaring his love for Hitler and coming out with the usual sort of racist ‘people like you’ bollocks you hear from ill-informed bigots.

Obvs I’m not going to post the video due to what Dior rightly calls the “odious” nature of what Galliano says but if you are really interested there’s a News International, Sun-watermarked copy doing the rounds on YouTube. Search: ‘John Galliano racist‘. Screenshot below.

John Galliano: ill-advised

Looks like it’s all over now for John Galliano. Hard to see a way back from this, unless he turns a living designing uniforms for fascists or whatever.

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