Mediafire links conversion rate

24 Feb

Dr Dre I Need A DoctorAlmost a month ago I posted a mini review of the new Dr Dre MP3, I Need A Doctor (“Eminem complaining while someone bangs a barrel”), adding a link so that proper fans could download the radio rip before paying for a legal copy upon release.

The service I used to host the MP3 was Mediafire, primarily because it feels quite legit and doesn’t stink your stuff up with adverts for Russian brides or whatever like zshare sometimes does.

Anyway, I’ve found that the number of people clicking on the link after reading the post is relatively low, even among those who have hit the page after searching for ‘I Need A Doctor MP3’, ‘Eminem I Need A Doctor MP3’ and variants thereof. Check the statsblast:

Hits Clicks Conversion rate
237 39 16.45%

Hits = Traffic landing on the post
Clicks = Subsequent clicks on MP3 link
Conversion rate = conversion rate, obvs

This raises some questions about the use of Mediafire hosting to post MP3 blogs.

1) Is there another hosting service that people prefer to click on?
2) Do MP3 blog hounds prefer domain-hosted MP3s?
3) Is ‘Right Click, Save As’ better than ‘Click, switch tab, click download, etc’?
4) If you saw a Mediafire MP3 on a blog would you bounce off and go looking for a site-hosted illegal download?
5) What is the most popular hosting service among MP3 bloggers?

I will test all of these things out and bring you the answers before ‘close of play’ this year.

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