The Rock Twitter: Dwayne Johnson opens account

15 Feb

Dwayne The Rock Johnson joins TwitterWrestlemania 27 announcement boosts numbers

Big news in ‘the Twittersphere’ as wrestling superstar/underutilised actor The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) has officially landed his ‘candy ass’ on Twitter, where no doubt he will be using the service to put ‘roody poo jabronis’ in their place (and stuff).

The Rock Twitter account displayed its first tweet on Monday night during RAW and has since generated more than 115,000 followers. Just to put this into ‘some sort of perspective’, I’ve had Twitter since 2009 and I’ve got about 300 followers.

Of course The Rock was able to give his Twitter account a substantial boost by plugging it live on air, even using it to confirm his announcement that he will be the host of Wrestlemania 27. The subsequent furore among rasslin’ fans kept The Rock Twitter on page one of the trending topics for a good 24 hours.

So the message to anyone wanting to use Twitter to build up publicity is simple: become a wrestler, get famous, be in a few random films and then go on a TV show with millions of viewers to tell them about your account. If you can ‘follow’ (excuse the pun LOL!!1!) these basic guidelines you are sure to succeed.

FYI The Rock Twitter page is @TheRock.

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