Jessica Ennis bikini v Timbaland weird faces

11 Feb

KEYWORD WARS: and things are hotting up in the statsblast as the latest figures reveal that ‘Timbaland weird faces‘ has a new contender in the battle to be the most irrelevant keyword bringing traffic into the blog.

Let’s have a look at the latest top six.

jessica ennis bum
timbaland weird faces
timbaland is weird
timbaland faces
jessica ennis bikini
i need a doctor mediafire

I was talking to an SEO friend of mine who said the secret to long-term, consistent ranking and traffic success was to build up a core focus on the site. If you write topical posts all the time that give you quick wins you will be forever chasing that next pageview high and ruing the days when you haven’t got anything click-grabbing to write about.

Apaz if you build up a solid cannon of content about a particular subject, you will get regular traffic coming in for related terms, even during blogless periods.

So I am going to make every post on the site about Timbaland’s weird faces.

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