Halifax Dubstep Video

11 Feb

If you’ve been near Facebook recently you might have seen this. It is a mashup that lays a ‘well sick’ dubstep mix over the top of one of Halifax’s worse-than-war adverts from last year.

It’s a bit like Cassetteboy except the jokes are all visual.

‘Burning questions’ posed by the Halifax dubstep video:

  • Why has this viral smash not got more views
  • Does this damage the Halifax brand or make it ironically cool, as in students etc
  • Will dubstep fans start subconsciously opening up Halifax accounts because of ’embedded marketing’
  • Do you think Halifax will keep making these shitawful adverts
  • Etc

Apaz there is a whole new trend for audiovisual dubstep mashups appearing on YouTube, including edits of the film Inception. But they’re not too funny so I’m not gonna post them.

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