App Of The Week: Desi Music on the iPhone

3 Feb

desi-music-app-logoI spent about two hours at the weekend totally rinsing the App Store for all it is worth, turning up some amazing apps in the process, including a Morrisons one.

My favourite at the moment though is the Desi Music app, which features the latest Hindi, Tamil, Teluga and Malayalam tunes, all ready for streaming, as well as a shedload of radio channels split into categories such as Pop, Bhangra, 90s Hits and ‘Evergreen’ (there’s even one dedicated solely to hero composer A.R. Rahman).

Overall, the best channel is the one that plays nostalgic Bollywood tunes from ‘back in the day’.

Hindi -> Radio -> Oldies

I could listen to that one for hours. The only downside to the app is that sometimes it displays ads for ‘male prowess pills’, which kind of takes the edge of the chill vibes.

Overall score: 890/1000

Let’s celebrate with some oldies.

Sound quality not great there, shame.

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