What happened to Dragonette?

2 Feb

There are some ‘eternal’ questions that man and womankind will always wrestle with: “Is there a god?”; “What is the meaning of life?”; “Seriously, £35 million?”

Another of these questions is “What happened to Dragonette?”

You may remember Dragonette from such songs as Competition, I Get Around and Take It Like A Man, the latter of which has the greatest verse-to-chorus transition of any song ever from the mid-00s.

No one really knows what happened to Dragonette. Apparently they released a second album in 2009 – who knew – but they are probably doing something in Canada now or one of those European countries where they are a bit more accepting of bright orange record sleeves and stuff.

Anyway. Dragonette singer Martina Sorbara is the guest vocalist on the new Martin Solveig track Hello. This is that one that sounds a bit like that other one. You can see the video below, it’s got some tennis in it.

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