Free MP3: my miserable doomcore/bleakstep project

31 Jan

miserable-pictureOne of the most popular musical genres at the moment is doomstep/dubcore/bleakgarage/misery. It’s kind of been around since Burial first came along and made 2-step sound like the end of the world, but there’s been a resurgence of late – probably because of the ‘current economic climate’, etc.

Artists such as Babe Rainbow (whose year-old track PopCommon is still several shades of amazing) are taking the Burial template and running with it to horrific new places, most of which are the sort of places you’d expect to find dead animals.

Anyway. I thought I’d do my bit to get involved in the movement and have started work on my own as-yet-untitled doomstep/crycore/horrorbeat project. Basically I’m trying to represent the bleak outlook many of us in society face through the medium of sound, while also pointing out how easy it is to be an ‘audio pioneer’ or whatever these days.

You can find the first fruits of my labour below. To me it sounds like Aphex Twin, Burial and Massive Attack all killing themselves in a bath as part of some sort of bizarre death pact, but also a completely original work.


Survivor Envy – Untitled Doomstep Project

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