Targets for 2011 revisited

29 Jan

target-archeryThe other day I blogged about how a conversation with a colleague had inspired me to set some blogging targets for 2011, the idea being that if I had goals to aim for, I was more likely to make an effort.

Things were going well: I had posted more in the last week than I had in the past year, and weekly traffic was at an all time high. Indeed, last Thursday (27 January) I was just one pageview away from equalling my best ever day. Obviously this was still a pitiful figure but at least it seemed like things were on the up.

Then came Friday, when I got two pageviews. Two. I couldn’t really understand it since I’d been doing all the right things and traffic had been growing every day. I was a bit disheartened, which highlights one of the stumbling blocks people encounter when they set out trying to use content in order to grab traffic from the search engines.

In my day job I regularly advise people that the more they write, the more visible their site will be to Google and the more clicks they will get. It’s great when a site owner latches onto the theory and is inspired to start writing news and blogs about their industry. But they can be put off if the results take a while to come, or if there are regular blips like mine last Friday.

The key is to keep on keeping on. Plough ahead with the content writing and eventually the rewards will outweigh the bad days when no one comes to read your carefully crafted piece about Timbaland’s weird faces, or whatever it is you’ve written about. It’s advice I’ll be following myself, although if traffic doesn’t pick up soon I will be deleting the blog.

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