Great Moments in Code #2243

27 Jan

Developers often put comments in their code, sometimes to remind themselves of things or to leave flags for other coders.

Here are some of my favourite comments I found while digging around in the Twitter source code (because that’s how I like to spend my time, obvs).

4) “This must be set absolutely before any other script on the app is loaded for IE7”

3) “This MUST be the last include before the closing <head>  tag”

2) “Avoid “operation aborted” error in IE that can be caused by appending a new element to the body via body.appendChild by a script that is not a direct descendant of the <body>” [OBVIOUSLY]

1) “Manually trigger ready event, avoiding race condition where it never fires due to iframe thingy. This should be safe based on how our script loading is done.”

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