How to iron a shirt

27 Jan

The best ever guide on how to iron a shirt

So, recently I’ve started to wear a suit more often to go to meetings and what have you. The plus side is that you get extra social kudos from the ingrained societal beliefs surrounding sharp dressing. The down side is that creases aren’t cool, so you have to do some ironing.

I’ve had mixed results so far so I decided to do some research into how to iron a shirt and get the best results. It turns out I’ve basically been doing exactly the right thing but not very well. It was a damning blow really, I was hoping to find out where I was going wrong – it turns out I was going wrong just by being rubbish.

Anyway I’ve put together this list of top tips on expert shirt ironing, based on my research:

How to iron a shirt

  • Go slowly – most mistakes happen when you’re rushing
  • Turn the sleeves inside out – makes getting into seams easier
  • Tuck the tapered end of the ironing board into the shape of the shirt to hold it in place and provide clean lines for ironing
  • Make sure your ironing board is in good condition – a threadbare/worn down cover will not work
  • Place a large book on the back of the shirt and then ask a heavy person to stand on it
  • Unconfirmed: Fasten the shirt collar during ironing to make it easier
  • Dampen the shirt slightly before ironing it
  • Don’t screw the shirt up at any point – that will spoil it

I hope these top tips help. As for the actual process, I’ve included a tutorial video below, with advice from a very well-spoken chap in a non-creased shirt.

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