Targets for 2011

26 Jan

As a wise man once said, life is unfulfilling without targets – especially if you’re an archer. To prevent 2011 being quite as aimless as last year was on this blog, I have drawn up a list of goals/mini challenges to shoot for.

I was inspired by a colleague of mine who runs the comic book news and review site Super Robot Mayhem, who told me of his goal-setting exploits over the past 12 months, which included trying to get a cease and desist letter just for mad kicks (he managed it).

It seemed like a pretty good idea so I’ve done the same. Don’t think I’ll be attracting any legal attention but I have come up with a few targets which should keep me busy. Obviously I won’t reveal them here because I’ll probably give up after a week, but there you go.

DO YOU SEE... targets/archery

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