Google PageRank increase…

26 Jan

In simpler, pre-PageRank times…and The Battle Of The Sexes

Every six months or so, Google updates its PageRank score (named in honour of founder Larry Page) system for websites. There are ways in which it is said to be possible to improve your ranking (‘boost your page rank‘, as the spam sites would have it), including the acquisition of quality inbound links.

I’m not entirely sure how it works – no one is, outside Google – but what I do know is that my old blog had links from a couple of dozen pages on the Guardian, as well as a spread of others from authority blogs, and I ended up with a PageRank 5 site, so there must be some method behind the madness.

ANYWAY. It seems PageRank has become so ingrained in our online culture that it’s even being implicated in the latest round of the battle between the sexes, with one anti-feminist (masculinist?) blog posting about how Google’s recent PageRank update has led to “men’s rights sites” getting equal PR footing with leading feminist blogs for the first time – a landmark, it says.

There’s even excitement around the possibility that one leading site could move up to a PageRank of 6 in the next update because it recently got a link off The New York Times. Needless to say, I can’t find any comment from feminist blogs about PageRank rivalry. Either they are too busy bothering with real issues or statistical envy is a male thing.

I will leave you with this hilarious nuggest from the men’s rights site about how to scupper the online fortune of women:

“A final word of advice. When linking to feminist sites, always be sure to add rel=”nofollow” within the html link tag. This prevents your PageRank ‘linkjuice’ from being passed on to the site of your enemy.”

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