New Late Of The Pier – Best In The Class

20 Feb

The video for Best In The Class, the latest release from popular seaside proggers Late Of The Pier, has ‘surfaced’ online. The press release calls it a ‘kaleidoscopic maelstrom’, which basically means that everything spins around a lot.

Here are the key points.

» The whole thing resembles a sort of salvia-induced, dribbling stumble through Topshop
» There are some probably-illegal subliminal frames of weird men in it
» The video features an ethereal rave granny segment (she belongs to Sam Potter), which coincides with the best bit of the song
» The last 30 seconds is just a load of girls in bikinis throwing powder paint around


Interesting ending. The tune itself is all a bit ‘album track’ but it should appease those LOTP fans who were freaked out by Blueberry’s new direction.

There’s a remix of Best In The Class floating around, purporting to be by Soulwax. If it is them, they’ve not so much phoned it in as completely forgotten to call and then texted the wrong number a week later.

LISTEN: Late Of The Pier – Best In The Class (Soulwax Remix) (YouTube)

Oh well.

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